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Price, tabs woocomerce, bug


Sorry for my englis i'm French !

I have the version 3.0.5 intalled width the last version woocommerce.

I try this plugin on localhost and work fine, but online they a multiple problem and difference.

I have creat an upload zone for add image and write price 10. on the frontend and localhost the work i choose an image and this price is add correctly, online the price -10 .If click on image -10 an another image -10. Finaly after click ion 5 five images my price  -50€ Hummmm lol it's not benefic for my entreprise . :) I don't have problem in localhost.

After add image in  my upload zone my are -50€  i click trash zone and the price are -50€ doesn't reset price.

In the product woocommerce and in the popup fancy  product i don't tabs woocommerce on loaclhost is show !

I don't why the plugin work fine on localhost but not in my server. It's possible it's my server bug?



Not sure exactly what is causing this, sorry. Please open a ticket with your purchase code and a URL where we can see the issue, thanks.

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