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Change color of Customize & Share Design Buttons

Is it possible to change the colors of the customize and share design buttons? Also, Is there a way for the Designer to lightbox in the center of the page rather than the top left corner? Thanks

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Yes it is.  In the settings you can set a CSS tag for the buttons.  In your site CSS sheet you can now control anything the way you want, just like any other button.  I was looking for the same question, then I figured it out.

I would like to do this too but not sure how to go about or even finding the correct CSS sheet. Frank are you able to tell me how to do this in more detail?


 I see where you can set a CSS tag for the buttons, but what do I put in the CSS style sheet? I'm trying to change the color as well and am having trouble. Could someone tell me how I set the tag for a Grey color? or a specific Hex color?? I would greatly appreciate it.

something like this:

.YourButtonClass{background-color: #000000 !important;}

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