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Manage Layers > is there no auto-refresh when changes are made?


we really like the fancy product designer and use it in our woocommerce shop. What we really cannot find is a solution to the following issue:
When using the layers in the product designer (customer view) there is not refresh when a layer is added or deleted. You can see the changes on
the stage but not on the layer manager. A lot of customers is confused because sometimes they thing there was no action and keep adding and adding.
Is there an option we just cannot see? Otherwise this would be a great feature.


P.S: Ist this the right place or would the feature request be better?

Sorry, please create a ticket for this issue, as I might need to inform the developer. Thanks.

I also have encountered this bug, it is still present with the Wordpress version. The layers panel does not refresh. Have you or support been able to find any solution to this problem?

Even on your demo site this problem occurs, just checked. To replicate, open say the T-Shirts demo, click the Layers button. Delete any layer, then click the undo button and you will realise the item does not return in the layers panel.

Is no one going to address this bug? Please its, quite a big one

Still no answer? 

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