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customize product button problem

Hi there,

customize product button didn't show on the page. Could you check it please what's wrong. You already have my admin panel and FTP informations. If you need it again please let me know.  Alsı I have another question. Does it possible to hide "add to chart" button for customizible products. Because of I have two types of products. One is customizable one is not. Do you have a solution for this. 

Best regards.


Yes we'll need them again, sorry. Please create a ticket.


I have a question. Does it possible a new fresh module install instead of installed one. But ıf you can bring customization buton back everything good for me.

Really frustrated!  No matter where I put the customize button, when I click on it nothing happens.  Am I missing something?

Please open a support ticket in order for us to help you.

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