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need programmer

I make labels for apparel

I need someone to write me label program  webbased

david stern


Radykal :  I'd love to start answering "jobs board" requests, can we create a forum for this? 

Perhaps you could keep a stable of well-vetted developers and you can assign us out round-robin?


Yes, a project jobs board is a good idea. Maybe we should start one somewhere else...?

i am also looking to contract help. ollett@gmail.com

Hi Luke and others in this thread. I am starting a FPD business group on Facebook. Please join the group and hopefully we can attract some developers to the group. FB is a more responsive platform for discussing needs like this, which is why I started the group. Just trying to get people to join it!  You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1696247100701549/


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