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hide opacity

In the older version the opacity was hidden with this line: 

/* Hides the opacity slider */

.fpd-opacity-option { display: none !important; }

How can i hide this in the new version?

Hi Kasper,

i am only an other user ... but this should work:

.fpd-slider-group{display: none !important;}



oh care i figured out that it also removes the slider to transform objekts 

deleting this lines in the /templates/productdesigner.php

<div class="fpd-slider-group fpd-clearfix fpd-tooltip" data-defaulttext="Transparency" title="toolbar.transparency">

       <span class="fpd-icon-transparency"></span>

          <input class="fpd-slider-number fpd-number" type="number" value="1" step="0.01" min="0" max="1" data-control="opacity" />

          <div class="fpd-range-wrapper">

            <input class="fpd-slider-range" type="range" value="1" step="0.01" min="0" max="1" data-control="opacity" />



worked out for me, but is not the way you should normaly do that


You can use this bit of custom CSS to hide the opacity slider only:

[data-defaulttext="Transparency"]{display: none !important;}

If you need to hide something else you can usually find a data-defaulttext for those elements with your browsers inspection tool.

Keine der hier angezeigten Lösungen funktioniert! 

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