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Remove Text Options in FPD 3.0.5

Hi all,

After a customer has added their text (in an upload zone) they are presented with a pop-up panel to change Bold/Italic/Size etc.

I would really like to STOP this box from opening completely so they ONLY enter text.

I'm not code savvy at all so if somebody could give me the copy/paste CSS for this that would be awesome (Pretty Please).

I'm assuming I would place this code in the "CSS" box on the UI/Layout composer?

Thanks in advance.


NOTE: I'm using "Upload Zone" - Custom Text.


I've managed to hide it with: .fpd-element-toolbar {display:none !important; }

But is it possible to make it so that if customer clicks on text a 2nd time the side panel opens up again to Enter/Edit text?


Sorry, no that is currently not possible.

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