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Hard to work with pop up boxes in the new version


I've installed 3.0.5.

When trying to change the fill colors or fonts there's a black pop up box opening. These boxes does not always open when prompted and they're often outside the viewable area. That makes it impossible to select certain options (see attached screenshot where some of the pre-select colors are hidden behind the icons on the dashboard of my mac).

I'd ideally like the color picker tool to have a fixed, visible position on my product designer. It's not very intuitive with the current solution. Is there any way of doing this?

Sorry, no way of doing this at the moment. You could add your voice to the ongoing discussion about this in the feature request forum.

Doesn't it make sense to fold out the options upward since they are on the bottom? Opening the customizer in fullscreen is broken now?


Since a few versions you can set a fixed position on top or bottom for the toolbar via the composer.

Thanks, this worked much better - however, when changing the position of the toolbar it also seemed to add a transparency option which was not there before.

When choosing a colored tee I can't offer semi-transparent colors on my t-shirt for obvious reasons. Any way to remove this?

You can hide that via this custom CSS:

[data-defaulttext="Transparency"]{display: none !important;}

Thanks Johnny,

Can you tell me where I enter it? In Custom CSS? Under my theme settings? I just paste it in and that's it?

Sorry for being such a newbie.

Best regards,


In the UI & Layout composer, simply copy and paste then it should work (of course you'l need to do this for every layout)

That worked beautifully. Thank you, Johnny!

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