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Avoid image downloads


I'm selling digital designs (user would customize and receive PDF or JPEG file for printing after payment). Is it possible to avoid any image downloads at every point at all times before ordering  with this plugin?

Also, some of my traffic comes from bigger sales platforms, would it be possible to integrate this plugin to a system where customers come in with unique code that they purchased and can edit and download for free when the code is entered.




You can disable the download feature, yes. You can also add a watermark that will only be removed, once the product has been purchased.

I'm sure it is somehow possible, yes. However that would probably require some modifications.

Can you please explain how to disable the download feature.

I would like to disable downloads for products that have a price until the user pays but enable downloads on free products.

How do I do this?

You can disable the download feature via the UI & Layout Composer, actions tab. Simply double click the download action to remove it.

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