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Possible Bug in 3.0.4 woo products edit page REPOST in correct forum

After upgrade to 3.0.4, there is a problem in both safari and chrome :

When editing a product for sale in WooCommerce, In the "individual product settings" modal dialogue, Select-lists such as font and available design categories do not appear correctly and can not be clicked or changed.

The select list appears in a z-index below the modal and can not be seen until the modal is closed.

When the modal closes, the select is still visible.

Clicking on the select list after the modal is closed makes it go away, but has no effect.

This has rendered the ability to assign design categories impossible, and is impeding development and launch.

Update is in the upload queue.

Will the update be for 3.0.5 or is this a supplemantary 3.0.4 release of some kind?


it's 3.0.4 at the moment. There will be another update fixing some stuff, hopefully tomorrow.

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