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Custom system fonts - Text gets very big after adding to card (Bug?)


Thank you very much for this great work! But I have a problem with the tool.
I want to add some system fonts so customers can use their favorite one (Like Arial, Comic Sans MS etc). But if I use system fonts in the customizer and add the custom design to the card, the texts get very big (see the attached screenshots).

Google fonts work fine but I need some standard fonts like Arial, Comic Sans MS etc. My input is: Arial, Comic Sans MS

Version: 3.03

Tested with WP versions: 4.4.2 and 5.0

Also already reinstalled the FPD.

Many thanks for this great work and thanks in advance!


Please select a default font in the main settings, default element options, default font.

It didn't help. I'm facing the same behaviour. Some fonts just get very big in the product view (after adding to the card).

Actually I don't know why your solution should help. Maybe you 
misunderstood me?

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