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Where do images/layouts save?

I have a couple questions.

1. If a customer designs a product in the FPD and saves it to complete his/her order later, where does their layout save? Does it save in the customer's browser cookies?

2. When a customer places an order, I open the customer's layout in the order viewer and export their layout as an image (deleting the background). Where exactly does the customer's layout save? Does the layout save on my server?




1: Yes, in the customers browser cookies / cache.

2: A new browser tab should open with the image. You can then save it to your Computer. Images that the customer has uploaded are saved under \htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\uploads\fancy_products_uploads\YYYY\MM\

Are the customer uploaded images saved there forever, meaning needs attention to delete manually to save disk space, or do they auto delete after a period?

maybe i am missing something- 
my customer order does not show in the order viewer on the back end.
I get some of the elements like text and the layers are there showing the colors- but visually i am not seeing the layout.  (its supposed to be a jacket)
The base layer is white so when the customer chooses the color it will change w. the color variable. That works fine.
And when customers log in to view their past order history, the custom layout shows up correctly. That works.
Its just when I go do click on the order and click on LOAD IN ORDER VIEWER- nothing shows, visually.
This is concerning.. I hope its something i missed.



That might mean that the images are not saved properly. Anything in the console when the order is made? You could also try activating the option save on server, if not active already.

 yes, the console works fine. Client side is good. You can even come back , login under my-account and pull up past orders and layouts.
i checked the uploads folder and the layouts are not there, the uploaded client artwork JPEGS are there, but no layout
yes, save to server is ON

 FYI- am doing this with MAMP on my computer localhost , all software is current (WP.,WOO, FPD) but i dont think that would be an issue?

Thanks for your help on this- great product.

and using X theme/Cornerstone : https://theme.co/cornerstone/


Hm... I can't really tell what's wrong in this case, sorry. We have not had any similar reports either. There is also nothing in the console, when in the order viewer? Anything in the server error logs?

its something with MAMP and localhost on my computer-
was in ADMIN mode and created an order, then went to look at the order while in Admin mode.

BUT when i posted it to my public webserver- works.  Thanks for the great support!


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