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Text size change when select new font style

Just a question please to other users, please confirm a "feature" of FPD - when a user has added text (which displays in the default font style, size and colour that's good). Then user drags text size to enlarge. Good that works.  But when the user changes the font style to Arial or any other for instance the text jumps back to the original default font size. Is this how it usually works or have I got something wrong?

Thanks in advance.


That is normal behaviour at the moment.

We've noticed the same behavior and deemed it was a small glitch. It would be better if the size and position of the text element was maintained even if the user changes the font.

Is it possible to change the default text size.  I have enlarged the stage size to increase the quality of the image output - but now when you select text - it is very small

Is there a way to make the character selection box bigger. The fonts to choose are so tiny that I can't see the different styles.

Hey Brittandra,

You can change the default box width and font size with this little code, just add it to the Layout Composer custom css tab : 

.fpd-dropdown.fpd-active>.fpd-dropdown-list {width: 200%;}
.fpd-element-toolbar .fpd-tool-font-family {font-size: 24px!important;}

  Hope it helps!



Bump to this thread. Have the same issue. Any solution to this yet?

@Nick, I just tested this and, at least for me, the font size remains the same as what they chose when a user changes their font choice. I have tested this by setting the font size specifically and also using the resize handle.

In both cases when I change the font style (Ariel to Lucida, or to a custom font we have uploaded,) its size does not change back to the default size for the product.

Hope that helps :)

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