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Restricting the color of text to only one color (e.g., black)

I am trying to restrict the color of text to black, but it seems that you cannot limit the color of text to only one color in the product builder.

You can only limit the color of text to two or more colors in the product builder, e.g., black and white. If I only add black (#000000) to the list of "Available Products" in the product builder, and set my "Current Color" to black, it still brings up the whole color palette in the product designer.

It seems that this is just a simple bug that can be fixed rather quickly.

Not a bug. Simply do not enter a color into the available colors and set your color using the current color. One color will enable the color picker.

Is this still working on the latest version? Because im trying this but i still get the color picker...

Never mind 

Same problem. How can we define only one color on the customTextParameters color. We can do this ready texts but not custom added texts?

Same issue, could be cool 

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