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Responsive without dialog box

 Is the any way to convert the responsive without dialogue box?, I would like to adjusto designs with css, and it looks as if the dialogue box is completely controlled by javascript.


No alternative?, I don´t think is a good idea to have a dialog box hiding the product. Any way to create a responsive alternative without touching all the javascript?.



Sorry, no.

 How can I show the desings like in this demo?, dialog box in responsive is completely uncomfortable, I don´t know what is the point of the dialog box hiding the product.


Thanks to your post I found a supercool solution that could be converted to tutorial.

There is an opcion in : Setting - General - Main Bar Position: Via Shortcode: [fpd_main_bar]

 And then you can use this hook wherever you want.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[fpd_main_bar]'); ?>


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