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Position of Designs

Hello, I am stuck on an issue not sure what setting would need to be changed to fix this please can you advise? I am using "designs" as background elements to choose from. Sometimes it works fine but since I moved the position of the layers to 500 left and 340 top (was 300 by default) the backgrounds goes to the top corner instead of the "update" area.

Think I am missing something have looked around the forum but can't find a solution. Is it the bounding box or upload zone that controls the placement of the design/background image?

Please advise.

Have attached the current settings.


Please either set the position in the design options, or probably better, use the replace feature to replace the previous background (to do this give both the initial background image and the background design category the same replace value)

Thank you Johnny. I tried to view and set the design category but seems there is a problem as there is no formatting. Will probably need to create a support ticket for this. I was hoping to have several design categories to group the background options so will need to set each design position then.
Many thanks


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