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Color picker not available


Here's the deal

I have set a jpg image 600x600 (named background) which will represent background. I just cannot get this image to be color changed with color picker. Our customers will be able to add custom name, change text color (this works) and also to be able to change previous mentioned background image. But when i try to set #000000 there is no option "Colors" for that layer :(

color.jpg color.jpg
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I have created a ticket from this.

Yeah...I'm having the same problem...well, actually one of many issues. I don't know what's wrong BUT I have watched and read all the tutorials on this plugin many times and YET, when I try to set up a product I don't see anything like what the tutorials show. One of many issues is that I never have a 'color' options choice for an element. I'm finding this plugin nearly impossible to use... 

Please update to version 3.0.5 then it should all work (there has been a small bug with 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 and the colorization)

Same Issue. I have updated to the latest version, released 24th May. Color picker is not showing up.

This was a different issue altogether what was solved in the updates. I'll take a look at your new one in the ticket you created.

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