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Linking text

Is it possible to link the text from view 1 and 2 with each other.
So if you change the text on view 1 that the text on view 2 automatically change?


Sorry, that is currently not possible. Unless you mean the color, in which case you can use a color link group.

I second that we need this, I thought that is what the replace text in all views did Johnny?

I need this feature, as I need the following.

1) Design on main product is editable and user changes the date to 2017

2) User clicks 2nd view, and image that they edited on front stays.. 

Please do let me know if this is now possible and how to enable it..

Well, you could sort of use replace in all views to achieve this, however that will only work for custom added fonts (added via the add fonts button). Please add feature request in the feature request forum, thanks.

I have fonts that I have uploaded and using, I will TRY this with one of them.. And report back if this worked or not.

Thank you for the fast reply and HOPEFULLY this will work.. I do not have a problem with using my own uploaded fonts..

Thank you.. If this does not work, I will be sure to add this to the request.

Thank you


Johnny This is what I Have done..

Create product -> Create View -> duplicate view

That keeps both front and back the same!

Now In settings under ---> custom text options ---- Check yes to change in all views

And this is still not working,, What am I doing wrong..

Then I added a replace name to both front and back view  under Text options --- replace name -- Date 

And that did not work.. The customer can edit Date in view FRONT then when they switch to BACK the original DATE is still showing

What am I missing ?

Thank you

Johnny and Jason,
Is it working now?


no, a feature exactly as asked for does not yet exist. I think no feature request was made (though I might be wrong on that, it's been a while).

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