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Swap Products


In some of the demo, there is a feature in the main panel that allows you to swap products but I can't seem to find it or any discussion about it.

I have purchased both FPD and MSPC so that I can allow users to choose from different templates for business cards, but neither allows me to do it. The MSPC only allows for a full image to be added and not a product with different elements.

How can I find the Swap Product feature or at least achieve what I'm trying to do with either of these plugins?

Many Thanks

Figured it out, you have to add multiple fancy products to a single woo commerce product.


Yes, that or create a fancy product category and add that.

If i have a product with 10 views.
When i swap to another product with 10 views i get 20 views, the script doesn't replace the other 10 views.

How is this possible


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