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Layers, Upload Zones, Text... how do you use this software?

Hi All, new user and hoping someone can explain how to do the following.

I need to allow customers to upload images and add custom text to a product.  

One image can be uploaded, one textbox can be added.  They will share the same space (i.e, add the image and place text over it if the customer wants text).

The image and text are to be restricted to a certain area of the product.The text will always appear on top of the uploaded image.

What layers do I need and how do I 'code' them with this software?

I've been dealing with a base image, and a copy of it with a transparent hole cut into it, and sometimes a 'text' layer...

The transparent hole in the copy is where the image and text are to be located (not just located here, but restricted to this area).

I am not even sure how many layers I need for this... 

I've been trying for a couple days, but haven't had much luck... uploaded images aren't always restricted to the transparent area, nor is text, nor are they consistently drag and droppable. 

I feel like I should be able to get it to work because the software is easy to use, but there are so many options in the software, I don't know what they all do and I don't have time to manually try all the combinations... 


Do I need to add upload zones for text even though there's an 'Add Text' link on the page?

Is there a way to get rid of 'Choose from Designs' on the site?

So many questions on how to use this software, given most help videos and docs are clearly from an older build with most options being reworded or moved...

Any help from the forum/community is appreciated - thanks!


Apologies about the solutions, we were in the process of updating them, however for some reason our software does not allow us to publish the new articles anymore and has reverted those that were already published to their old state. We are working on it (however it's the easter weekend, and things are kind of slow)

The add image and text can achieved by defining a replace value for both custom texts and images, as well as a bounding box for both these. This can be done in the individual product settings. If there is anything else I can help with let me know. Communication is usually quicker over a ticket.

Is it possible to have a fancy product with multiple views, where the different views have different bounding box areas for uploaded images and added text? If so, how do you do this as the fancy design settings are applied globally and individual product settings would apply to all views?

Sorry, that is not possible. You can only set these options for individual views:

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