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Fancy design mask

Can a fancy design be a mask, so you can't click on it.
Then I can use it as an edge.
If you add a image en later the design, than you can't click on te image.

Sorry, I do not quite understand what it is you are trying to do?

I have a fancy design and he stays on the top. The design is the edge of a pokercard so the design is full width en full height. If i upload a image it's under the fancy design (because the design is always on the top). Because of this i cant select te uploaded image. It always select the design (because the design is always on the top). Is it possible to make the design a mask, so you can't select it. On the attachment the blue edge is the design. Because of the option stay on top i can't slecect the uploaded image. I hope you understand me en can help me.

image.jpeg image.jpeg
63.5 KB

Sorry, you can not make the design a mask, however you should be able to simply make it not always be on top (deactivate the stay on top option)

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