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Not saving Fancy Product designer in WC product


Using all latest, i canpick up demo FPD on product page, but after saving product, FPD field goes blank again.

I'm adding product not category.

Any idea?


Not quite sure what you mean. Are you on the front end or the product builder in the back end? If you can not resolve this issue, please create a ticket.


I have imported MOUSE PAD demo. Created new product in WC and selected product - MOUSE PAD in sidebox (Fancy Product Designer) then saved the product. When page reloaded after saving, FPD was not saved. Blank field ...

Of course then there is no "Customize it" on front end on single product page

I'm having the same issue.  In the backend, editing a product, selecting a category (or even a product), and then Updating or Saving the Woocommerce product, the selection is not saved.


Any idea here? Thank you

never mind .. it's working

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