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1. do you have a demo i could link into my website to see exactly how it works behind the scenes and on the actual web site for customers please?

2. Also I want to limit the colours/ font they can use for writing etc is this possible?

3. I also would like to only provide images is this possible?

4. We offer personalised Babygrows, bibs, all babywear and children does your product cover all of these please

Sorry for all the questions I want to know it is right before I buy?

Thanks Jessica

Hi is there anyone able to help with my questions please?



1.: Sorry we do not have such a thing. You can however check out the demos and the admin demo on the demo page:http://fancyproductdesigner.com/woocommerce/

2: Yes that is possible

3: Yes

4: You can do all of these with our plugin. However you will need to setup the products yourself (generating or buying the necessary image files, create the layers etc...). Here is an example page that supplies good images: http://theapparelguy.deviantart.com/gallery/

Thanks for your help :)


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