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Text Editor Position

Hello, I am new to FPD and learning the tricks... just have a question please can anyone confirm if the text editor should be able to float/be movable (as is possible with the design module) when adding a text layer in the front end (Woocommerce product). Currently it seems that the editor is in a fixed position and obscures the text layer below.

Is this a standard feature or a setting I can change? Perhaps even my theme settings? Please help. Thanks


Sorry, the editor is not floating/ movable at the moment. It should however display slightly underneath the edited text:

Thanks for confirming the editor isn't floating but wonder why it displays above or over the text and not below it (which would be better) as per the example I attached. this is the same whether used inside product listing or on a separate page. Many thanks


Please download the lastest version 3.0.3 that should fix the issue.

Thanks that's working!


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