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Adding images from user gallery to fancy product


This is my question . sorry if it already answered but i can't able to find it 


I am developing a woo commerec site where a admin uploads a number of photos to user 

and user can able to buy customized photo after customizing using fancy product designer

I am a wordpress woo commerce user and i have a gallery of images related to my account .

Means gallery is a custom post type with author as customer and admin can add images to gallery for a particular user 

Woo commerce has a list of fancy product designer products 

When i view a fancy product(logged user ) . I need to have the options to add images from my gallery to fancy product editor 

– when I go to a fancy product, I need to be able to select and add images from that dancer’s gallery. I had mentioned this before,– the idea is that they will be able to load in images from that gallery and edit them in the fancy product designer. 

Is is doable with the plugin and then how?


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