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Order viewer still not working


I updated the plugin again (3.0.2.) but my order viewer still isn't working.. 

Confirm.  Have the same issue

We are not facing any issue, so we can only help you if you open a ticket, because you need to share the wp login credentials with us!

Another advice. Try to to use "save on server" in the general settings. If your order includes custom added images and you are not checked this option, your server is not able to proceed the string representation to the cart.

Concret, did you figure this one out?

Johnny, it's the elements in the frontend of the designer that are not appearing.

Backend is fine, but when a customer opens the designer the elements are not there.

Yes, didn't work for me either.. I opened a ticket. Did you fix it already?



And why are you creating a topic with a title "Order viewer is not working" which is part of the admin. Please create a ticket, the other users did inspect any issues in loading the elements in frontend.

The topic will be closed now!

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