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Demo or Tutorial For Creating Business Cards

I saw a link on a different page for a video that demonstrated creating  business card template with FPD.  Unfortunately the link doesn't work.  Can you direct me to any demos or tutorials on the best way to set up a business card template?  For other products it seems pretty straight forward, but I'm really struggling with the business cards, and particularly the upload zone. Should I create blank images that are the size of the upload zones I need for the card?  What if someone wants to use larger text than will fit into the upload zone I created?  I'm just getting started with the tool, so maybe this will be more clear to me with more experience, but the client needs a credit card template right away, so I'm asking.  I'd appreciate any assistance you can provide to help me understand the best way to do this.  Thanks. 


You can load this demo into your product builder by using the "load demo" feature. Maybe that helps. Other than that, sorry no we do not have any links / demos / tutorials on this. Maybe someone form the community can help out with some examples.

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