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Custom uploaded image going to wrong layer

Am quite confused by the new version of FPD. 

One of our products has three elements: A background image, a foreground image (which is a copy of the background image with the center section transparent) and the upload zone. In version 2.x of FPD the user would upload their photo and FPD would position it between the two foreground and background elements so the person could see their customised product prior to purchasing.

The problem now with the new version is that the user uploads their image but instead of it being inserted between the element layers it is always being loaded on top and the customer then has to move the element layers about for it to look right. No matter what the element order we set the result is the same. It is causing confusion and putting customers off.

Please can you advise on this. I have attached examples of the old elements and the new ones with the issue.

Please try resetting the stay on top option for your masking layer (foreground). It can be found under the modifications tab in the product builder, element options.

Tried all that Johnny with no luck, it just seems to be ignoring the element levels...


Please open a ticket from this if you are still having these issues, thank you.

Ticket raised Johnny...

Did you find a solution to this issue? We are having the same problem and are wondering if it is a setting we need to fix or if it is a bug with the newest version 3 release.


Hi Amber, it was a bug that caused the problem that has now been corrected with the new release of FPD. Update your plugin and it will sort itself out.

hi iam still have same problem i have lateset version but when i upload image on upload zone it is not uploaded on that place exactly .
Here is the link

i try every setting but it still not fix plz solve this bug


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