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Hi all,

I am using the Fancy Products Designer for WooCommerce. I must, wonderful plugin.

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the sort order of the fancy products. Right now, they are shown in alphabetical order of the product title. But say I want to show the Red colour option as the default product in the designer, how do I go about doing that? Right now it shows the Blue option since that is the first product as per the alphabetical order.


Since V3 the order is sorted in the way you entered it.

This is no longer the case..the sort order is completely random. Please fix

Yup same problem here. 

Currently in the process of a massive site build with a huge catalogue of products, so need this to be fixed before adding fancy products to woocommerce products otherwise will have to do them all again in the correct order.


Can we please get a fix to this ASAP? I created a ticket and the devs seem to think it's not an issue, or that it's sorted by "product-id's"? But before this update it worked.

He said I should change the order of the "ID's" in the database, which is absolutely ridiculous, why would I be playing around with the database when clearly this worked before this recent update (which with a few other issues this updates seems to be a major step back in the wrong direction..) 

Why try to fix what isn't broken??

Yeah guys that's definitely not an answer because I can't even see how you change the ID order even if I wanted to, but it definitely worked before the update. 

Maybe installing the version before is the answer for now? But please fix as it's stopping our site going live until we can get the order correct.


I've been dealing with this for a while now and they don't seem interested in giving us the option to sort the orders of the products. Leave a 1 star review like I did, saying I won't change it to 5 stars until they've fixed it.

I checked it again and in my environment the products are sorted by ID in the dropdown in the admin. The same order is used in the frontend.

On mine it doesn't even show numbers, just the titles, so there's definitely something different happening.

But the point is still that it used to sort by the order in which we added them If for any reason this is no longer possible, could we urgently add a feature that enables us to sort the order manually within a woocommerce product as this is critical to my (and it seems other people's) needs for their sites. 

Even if we could drag the order within FPD so that they're in the right order there that's fine too but that doesn't appear to be possible either. 

Thanks in advance for your help

The number is the ID and its only showing on my environment for testing purpose, will be part of next update.

Sorry this is not possible. I will try to add a drag&drop function for that dropdown in one of the next updates.

Yes please! If it didn't previously behave the way we wanted it to it may be different, but we know it's possible! In the mean time do you know where we can download precious versions of the plugin to see if that restores the function that used to work? Thanks

So what is the workaround? Can we revert to an old version of the plugin, or is there quick code fix we can add to fix this?

Drag&Drop sorting will be in next update. If you want to test, please create a support ticket and I will send it to you.

Is this now implemented? I can't work out how to change the order of my products. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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