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Not efficient category organization

 Hi, this is a great app for customization but when you have a los of desings and categories is really complicated to create productos. I explain better.

I have a skate model, this skate has 17 parts
for example

Brand: FSK -> model: HARDCORE EVO

this models has 17 parts that I can customize

45 strap

Carry strap

Carry strap embroidery


cuff buckle


When I create a category I am forced to introduce de model, otherwise I cannot recognise wich part is when I add images in the fanci designs:

Hardcore evo 45 strap

Hardcore evo Carry strap

Hardcore evo Carry strap embroidery


Another alternative y to introduce only the name of the parts and relate them to the parent:
Hardcore Evo
  • 45 strap
  • Carry strap
  • Carry strap embroidery
  • cuff
  • cuff buckle
  • etc

The problem with this is that customer has to click two times to see the categories, the first time in the Hardcore Evo category and then all the parents categories with the parts of the skates. Is there any option to have that subcategories at first level?, I think the organization of the fancy designs is a bit hell and when you have lots of categories.

Any solution, idea?



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