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Limiting text options

I really like this tool.  I purchased it to design labels.  However, I need to limit the users ability to change the font size, color, etc.  I just want them to type in the text they want only.  I want to control the size and style of the font.  I can't seem to do this. 

Also, when I set the modifications so that they are not draggable or movable.  the settings keep switching back to "yes".

Please advise. 


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I'm also interested to know if this is possible.


The latest update 3.01 fixes the settings not saving issue.

There aren;t specific settings to limit frontend editing but you could just hide the tools you don't need. For example if you didn;t want to let them change font family, you would add to your custom css:

.fpd-tool-font-family {display:none;} - you might need to an !important depending on your setup.

Thank you!   I have 3.0.0 installed wiht a product set up. What is the best method for updating?

If you have access to your files via ftp (or if you are developing locally) then you can do the following:

1) Rename the current fancy-product-designer folder in /plugins to fancy-product-designer.bk just in case you've made any changes or need to roll back.

2) Download new version from Codecanyon and add it to your /plugins folder.

Done. Thanks.  This seems to be working for me.   

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