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Combining Fancy Product Designer, Woo Commerce, and Gravity Forms

I am looking to combine the product designer with some additional customization options using a "Gravity Forms" Form.

I would assume that you know what the Gravity Forms plugin does. There is an additional plugin that allows you to create forms with the Gravity Forms plugin for Woocommerce products, i.e., to easily allow your customers to customize their products.

I would like to allow my customers to use the product designer then select from some additional product options (via the form) before adding the product to their shopping cart (via "Add to Cart"). It seems that this is probably already possible, but I was just wondering if anybody had tried it.

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Has anyone got an answer on this?

I am interested in using Fancy product Designer with Woo Commerce and Gravity Forms. Has anyone had any success with this?


This is possible via the PLUS addon now.

What is the PLUS addon?

Ok bought the PLUS addon, how do I make them work with each other?

Sorry there was a misunderstanding, currently you can not use Gravity Form inside woocommerce products. I can give you a refund for the PLUS add-on.


Thank you but no need.  It has some other features I like.

Will you be adding integration for the forms to be added to woo commerce products in the future (hopefully soon)?

Is there any plan to add integration for Gravity Forms on Fancy Product Designer WooCommerce Products?

no, its not planned. If this is a feature you need for sure you can hire us via www.fancyproductdesigner.com/customization-request

I have Gravity forms helping creating bundle sets in woocommerce the only issue is that gravity form chosen items would not affect the inventory once chosen, is it possible to connect it through the add on plus / gravity plus add on now?

WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons

are you using this?

Gryadn We do have woocommerce gravity forms product add-ons. Yes

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