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Order Issues from upgrading from 2.1.0 -> 2.2.4

Getting this error when trying to view orders:

[06-Mar-2016 01:47:18 UTC] WordPress database error Table 'site_name.wp_fpd_orders' doesn't exist for query SELECT COUNT(ID) FROM wp_fpd_orders made by do_action('product-designs_page_fpd_orders'), call_user_func_array, FPD_Admin_Menus->orders_page, FPD_Admin_Shortcode_Order->output

Now if you check the SQL there's no wp_fpd_orders table.  The simply updated the plugin...  Any ideas?

 Here's two screen shots of orders not loading...


Our apologies about this issue. Please downgrade to the old version and process all orders, then update to the newer version.

where is the old version download link ?

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