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Problem with single product page and currency convertor when using FPD


I have a problem with Fancy Product Design about normal work of other plugin - Currency switcher.
The problem is that when I activate FPD the currency switcher is not working properly in single product page only. The price is showing in euro and when I change it in dollars it just blink the real price in dollars while loading and after that is showing the value in euro but with dollar sign (this is bug which is just in single product page, where is the FPD)

// That is from currency converter plugin support... 

Deal is: http://clip2net.com/s/3uMjPEp - its redraws by script for mini cart, but its wrong behavior. You can write question to the FPD plugin support about why is it ...


I also wrote a ticket to support of the Enfold theme for this problem and they try some tricks to solved it, unfortunately nothing worked. At the end they suggest to switch the theme and see if the problem exist. So, I have done this and saw that is not from the theme...

Do you have any idea, how to resolve this problem. 

Please help me, I really need and like your plugin, but I need it working in all products pages and also need my site work in different currencies. 

Here is some link directly to product :


(You will see how the product price just blink the price in dollars, and after that show the value of the price in euro, but with $ sign )
When I disabled Fancy Product Designer everything is working properly.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Best regards


I'll create a ticket from this, so that we can communicate in private in case I need some login credentials.

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