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Major issues to deal with concerning the plugin tool

I like this tool, and it has potential, but there are really too many show-stopping issues for it to be used in a commercial printing setting.

1. Your documentation needs to be a lot better. I have had a lot of trouble figuring things out and, frankly, have almost given up at times.

2. You indicate in your documentation that the product stage needs to be scaled to the pixel dimensions of your canvas. So if I have a 10-inch by 10-inch canvas, I need to set my stage dimensions to 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels so I can export an image/layout with the proper pixel count. This will not fit on a computer screen. This reason, alone, makes the tool something that cannot be used. Then you say we should adjust the size of the downloaded image in Photoshop (or Corel Draw) to 300 ppi. So why do I need this tool if I still have to do a lot of backend photo editing work?

3. If uploaded images (by the customer) are automatically scaled down to fit on a smaller stage, i.e., so the customer can actually see the whole stage on their computer screen, we still have to go back and scale the image back to size when we export it. Again, why? This should be done automatically. Also, when I export re-scaled images back to their larger size after the product has been designed, the exported images have a worse resolution.

4. When I export an image (a .JPG or .PNG) from the Export box in the Order Viewer, it doesn't save the image to my server. Only exported PDF images are saved to my server. Generally speaking, the exporting functions in the Order Viewer are downright confusing.

Also, I've tried to save individual images on my server that have been scaled down significantly (0.10 scale or 10% original size) in the Single Elements box, checking the box "Use origin size, that will set scaling to 1, ...", but the software will not save them. The software gets hung up every time.

5. If you could specify units in inches along with millimeters, that would benefit the whole western world.

This is a nice tool, and it could potentially be great. However, right now it is still definitely in its developmental stage. I'd be willing to help you any way I can.


1: Yes, sorry we are working on it. We are going to change and rewrite the solutions with the release of the new version, add video tutorials and more examples.

2, 3, 4: Again these are issues we are working on. Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.

Saving at original size and resolution should work without problems though. I'm suspecting a server issue...

5: More a benefit for the US and UK as the rest is using the metric system but okay, we'll think about it.

Thanks guys I really appreciate it. I am going to continue to work with your plugin, as I see that it has great potential.

I know that this kind of software is extremely difficult to build, refine, and optimize. Appreciate the hard work.

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