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Graphics and Design

Does this theme come with a large selection of graphics and designs to use and in addition, where could I find more designs to import?



Sorry, which theme are you talking about?

In case what you meant was the plugin, it comes with the ability to load the demo's you can see on this page, including the image files: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/woocommerce/

You can get more images here, or create your own:



I'm talking about the clip art used to customize the products. Are there galleries of images I can download somewhere or do you guys provide it?

Thanks in advance 

No we don't provide those, sorry. You can create them yourself, or visit the links I sent earlier.

Hi there, I have tried creating my base PNG file in Corel Draw, but in comes out black.  How do you create the white base?

Instead of uploading loads of images, why can't you integrate a clip art website that probably will need an API key from the user just like you did with Pixabay and Deposit Photos

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