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I am interested in this product for one of my clients. They need these specific things, and I want to make sure this product will work:

- Ability to Design in multiple areas on all four sides of tshirt (front, back and left/right sleeves.

- Ability to set independent pricing for each of the four areas.

- Ability to set size requirements for image files

- Ability to add independent base costs for shirt color choice

- Ability to add additional costs for specific sizes

- Ability to add additional costs based on any other variable they choose

- Ability to Import Products from Vendor Spreadsheets

- Up to 30,000 products

Can anyone let me know that this plugin can do all of these things?

I would have sent an actual message to this company, as I have with some others but I couldn't find a way to contact them.

Thanks y'all!


1: Yes that is possible

2: That, too is possible (at least for custom uploaded fonts and images)

3: yes, though the dpi on jpg files does currently not work properly

4: Yes, you can define prices for colors, (or maybe better, create separate products for each color and use the change product feature, see this demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/hats/)

5: That can be done using WooCommerce

6: Sorry, no

7: Should be no problem

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