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Do I need unique attributes for each product? (Fancy Product Designer + MSPC)


I'm using Fancy Product Designer + MSPC for a Woocommerce website selling polo shirts with various sizes and colors. 

I followed the sneakers tutorial Youtube video to create variations that changes the color of the shirt in the Product Builder successfully (for example, choose Red and the image in the Product Builder is red). 

My question is do I have to create a separate Color attribute for each model shirt? For example:

Polo A


Color (uses replaceColor as a Fancy Product option)

Polo B


Color (currently the thumbnails in the MSPC are the same ones used for Color for Polo A)

So if I have 20 different shirts, do I have to create 20 different sets of Color attributes in order for each product to have their own images?

Hope this makes sense. 

Thanks for reading


If you need different images for each product that is unfortunately the only way of doing this, unless.... (and this is only an idea!)

You could try:

Use a Color layer for the color of the shirts (a big rectangle png layer) and put the shape and contour, texture on a separate partially transparent layer (similar to our t-shirt demo) and mask the outline with white or another background color. Put the color layer in the background.

I hope my idea is understandable.

Understood. Thanks for your quick reply. We may look into that as an alternative solution. 

Since we are looking for a solution that allows us to use a CSV product feed as well as allow users to upload SVG files, is there a setting to remove the Product Builder from the front-end and just display a simple file uploader?   

Sorry, no.

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