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Layered Images & DPI

I have not purchased the plugin yet but from what I've seen, it's awesome.  I need this to do something very specific so before I made the purchase I wanted to ask if this is possible...

1)  I understand that the plugin allows you to have a minimum/maximum DPI and size for uploaded photos, but I also read that people had some problems with this. Has the issue of minimum DPI been resolved? This is important because for large format prints I will need high resolution images, preferably 200dpi minmum.

2)  The second question is about layering. I couldn't find anything on the forum about this. I need to put the photo the client uploads BEHIND another layer. In other words, if I had a poster with an artistic border I want them to see their photo BEHIND that border, so it's like a frame around it. Can you tell the plugin to make the background PNG actually the front layer, and have the uploaded photo behind that border?

Thanks in advance!


1) Has not been fully resolved yet. It's working for .png but not for jpg (the DPI check).

2) You can make a layer "stay on top" by enabling that option and lock it in place. This will do exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you Johnny.

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