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I can't see the image URL for the attributes

I can't see the image URL for the attributes. As seen in the youtube tutorial at 3:52? 

Did i do something wrong? 

Kind regards,



If you have uploaded the image files to your server (use Media -> Add new) You should be able to select the images as in the video. I'll attach a .zip that contains all the files you'll need.

Thx Johnny, 

Every image is downloaded to the server (use Media -> Add new). I don't see any changes. the "ADD FROM LIBRARY" button is not shown as in in print screen. 

@Johnny, it seems that we don't get the option to upload nor to change the "Fancy product designer options" while adding/editing a term.

Could it be that you do not have MSPC installed? http://codecanyon.net/item/multistep-product-configurator-for-woocommerce-/8749384 You'll need that plugin for those options to show up.

Perfect, that plugin fixed it. Thanks.

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