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Hide Product Image in the PDF/PNG Output for easy Print Ready Files

This request is to have a setting to hide the product image (e.g., t-shirt, mug, etc.) in the final image output (PDF, PNG, etc.). The print ready file/image does not need to include the background image of a mug or a tshirt. Otherwise, that will be printed on the physical product, and that's not needed. 

If this doesn't make sense, I can explain further.

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I should also clarify the following. The purpose of this feature is to automate the order processing. It is tedious to manually process every order.

Hello , one idea would be to Origin Lock Layers from customizing objects ( printable / non- printable) or while receiving each layer created as PDF page ( layer 1 - 1 page PDF or PNG )
Then there is still the problem of the resolution of the images for printing at 300 dpi.

Hello Kameleon, I will try that, thanks. I commented on your support topic. The stage size should be a scaled down version of the print ready file. What's shown in the browser is merely a preview or a proof before the high resolution image is processed.

Hi Neophi. I follow ;-)


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