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Woocommerce Composite Products Plugin?

Does anyone know if Fancy Product Designer is compatible with the Woo Composite Products Plugin? I can't find any reference to this plugin. Does it work with variable products? Thanks.


Sorry, we have no experience with that plugin, so I can't really tell you. Maybe someone else knows more. In general it does work with variable products.

I have just starter the topic with this problem, it seems that Composite product overrides some template made by Multistep plugin and does not display in the way I want, here are the example: 

To display multiple color palete in variations I use this plugin: 

it help me display color selection like this: 

But when this product becomes part of Composite Products it starts to display variations only by drop down like this: 
Please select Synchro 3D and the selection will be in dropdown only, I need it to be in thumbnails. 

Is there a way to override template?

I have asked for help to WooThemes, but they gave this answer: 

hank you for contacting WooThemes Support!

It looks like the "Multistep Product Configurator" extension needs to add support for it being used on other product types, like Composite Products.

It would be possible to add in support yourself perhaps by overriding the templates like you mentioned. The templates for this extension can be found at woocommerce-composite-products/templates/. Overriding them works the same way as normal WooCommerce templates:http://docs.woothemes.com/document/template-structure/

The template I believe you will be looking to edit can be found at woocommerce-composite-products/templates/composited-product/variable-product.php.

Can anyone help on this??? :)


Has anyone been able to get Woocommerce Composite product to work. It is similar to Multistep but just allows more control over pricing. 


Will this become compatible with it in the future?

Has anyone been able to get Woocommerce Composite product to work. It is similar to Multistep but just allows more control over pricing. 


Is there a solution for that?

Hello - I'm also hoping to use both Fancy Product for the visual side of the the product build and WooCommerce Composite Product to manage the variations (my products are over 68,000 each).  I have both plugins working on a product page but when you select the variation in the Composite Product drop-down, there is no change in the image built with Fancy Products.  Any idea how to integrate the two plugins together?


I have the same question. Is there a way to use both FPD in combination with WCP?

Wondering the same thing. Want to select a product and then customize it with FPD.

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