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"create your own product" only with 10 specific colors and 5 specific texture, and ADD ON other layer with other thing

I would like to ask something about this plugin before buy it. 

Is it possible to create a page like "Create your own product" with only 10 specific colors (not all the web color) and to Add OVER other things?

For example: I have shoes in 10 different specific colors and 5 possible texture (1 texture every 2 shoes selected, so you can't choose every texture for every shoes).. If you want, you can choose only a unique color, or the texture for it (like "pied de poule" texture).
And I have some details to ADD ON the shoes (as a pendant to add on strings) only if you want.  So, I think that will be two different layers: one for the color of shoes and one for the detail to ADD ON.

Is possible to make it? 'Cause I've seen your Demo, but there you can choose every colors and add every design on the t-shirt (contrariwise in mine you have to choose only specific things. Not every texture is available for the 10 colors).

Thank you,



Please take a look at the combination of MSPC and FPD. From what you describe, that should be better suited to what you are looking for. You can however use a color-palette instead of the color picker (which allows to choose any color) in FPD; Or use the change product button like in this demo for the color choices.

I hope this answer helped? If not please feel free to ask more questions.

Thank you so much Johnny!
Yes! I think is perfect the example of MSPC and FPD! But, Can I hide the "Upload image" part and the "add text" ? 'Cause I want that the client can choose from specific things, without any personalization.
The MSPC and FPD is another plugin, or is a part of this? How can I buy/download/use it? 

Thank you for the answer

Yes, you can hide those options. MSPC is a separate plugin, you can buy both FPD and MSPC over here.

Thank you! But at the link I found the FANCY PRODUCT DESIGNER plugin, nothing about MSPC...

I would like to buy both.

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