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Create your own Bag

I've a question about this fantastic plugin!
Is possible to create a "CREATE YOUR OWN BAG" page in this mode:
I'll have 10 bags and 10 fringes to add on, with some texture (only for some colors of bags).
I wish it were possible to be able to select the bag and the fringe to match the colors you want (even if will be two different colors), which will be applied OVER the bag (so I suppose there will be two layers, 'cause I've need to show the bag and also the fringe on it at the same time, for "how will be your bag" ).

So you can choose if you want simple bag, or with the added fringe (with color or texture).

Thank you


You would either use FPD:

Create two different products one with the fringes one without, you can offer coloration options via a color-pallet

Or you could use FPD and MSPC:

In the customer could choose the option whether he wants fringes or not (or different sorts of fringes - if you want to offer some different options in the future). You can either offer the color options in MSPC or use the color-pallet function of FPD.

Take a look at our demo's to get an idea of what's possible.

I hope i understood you correctly and that this answer helped?

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