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Resolution Problem


I work with various resolutions in these resolutions I have the A3, A4, A5, A6

Take for example the A4 resolution in 300 DPI in pixels are: 2480x3508.

If I set this values in width and height, when I go to click on the button for make the design, the plugin's form  is more big then site's resolution.

So I need work in 300 DPI resolution but the form must be in screen resolution 72 DPI: 595x842 pixels

Someone can help me please?

I bought this plugin, after 6 days can I have an answer please?


We have been on Christmas / new years holidays. I have created a ticket from this post, where I'll answer in the future.

Was there ever any update on this? I am facing this issue too. 

I have an A5 design that needs to have the dimensions 1748 x 2480 but when i use these values the designer does not fit into the page. How do i scale down the designer but keep the dimensions? Is that possible? If its not possible and I fall back to use the dimensions 437x620 (Normal A5 / 4) will this affect the output resolution of the final product?

Thanks in advance!

I just tried to use the divided dimensions but to use them I would have to redesign the whole thing! Please tell me there is a function to scale down the whole designer but keep the same dimensions...

Was there any solution to this problem? How do we use A4 and A3 prints?

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