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A beter mobile solution

Thank you for this plugin! A truly extraordinary plugin that transforms businesses.

The request that must be on the tip of everyone's tongue surely is when are we going to see

an FPD improvement for mobile and small screens. My site drop-off rate for mobile is tremendous and

when compared to the desktop just over twice as high. This is a major bummer as most visit are from mobile 

and smaller screen devices.

It would be great if we could have a sliding screen that allowed the customer to build the product.

Or some other novice way to make make the UX & UI more friendly and reflective of the great experience

found on the desktop.



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I also need help to get the mobile version activated. I installed the newest version and the mobile experience is just like before.

BUG: Another thing is that I noticed a bug where the guided tour is outside the bounds of the screen. It is also outside the whole product designer when you have more setting buttons in the scrollable bar than fits. Shouldn't the bar then automatically scroll the correct option into view when the guided tour is going?

You can select the new UI in the UI Composer > Toolbar > Select Smart in "Type & Placement"!

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