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A beter mobile solution

Thank you for this plugin! A truly extraordinary plugin that transforms businesses.

The request that must be on the tip of everyone's tongue surely is when are we going to see

an FPD improvement for mobile and small screens. My site drop-off rate for mobile is tremendous and

when compared to the desktop just over twice as high. This is a major bummer as most visit are from mobile 

and smaller screen devices.

It would be great if we could have a sliding screen that allowed the customer to build the product.

Or some other novice way to make make the UX & UI more friendly and reflective of the great experience

found on the desktop.



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what settings should I use to view the product designer like this https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/HJGRNE9T8SW#/screens/290252168_Start  ??
I want the same fullscreen style


For those upgrading within Wordpress..... You can simply enter your envato purchase code within the settings page and just upgrade the plugin automatically like you would any plugin.  http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000582931-upgrading


in the mobile browser (Safari and Chrome using an iPhone X) I found an issue with the products that has a defined colours palette: the palette doesn't scroll.

A little suggestion... IMHO would be better no scrolling (and for long list of colours put a max-height value)

/* Color swatches no scroll but 100% visible for standard layout */

.fpd-manage-layers-panel .fpd-list-row .fpd-scroll-area {

    max-height: 100%;


/* Color swatches no scroll but 100% visible for smart layout */

.fpd-element-toolbar-smart .fpd-patterns>.fpd-grid, .fpd-element-toolbar-smart .fpd-color-picker>.fpd-color-palette {

    max-height: 100%;


I've noticed that in 3.7.6 the images-module becomes automatically active, even when you said "active module" to "none". Guess this is a bug? Didn't happen in the previous versions.

The new mobile stage is much better.  I have a few suggestions to make it even better.

1.  The page scroll does not need to scroll when resizing photos, graphics and text.  Currently is is impossible to move photos, graphics or text up or down because the entire page scrolls.

2.  The back button in the UI layout  does not work on mobile.  In fact, the back button removes items from the stage, which were a part of the original design.

When can we expect this update on the JQuery version?


Sorry another bug, but I am loving this new version.

The align horizontal and Align Vertical buttons are the wrong way round. Click horizontal and it moves Vertically. (Swap the images on the buttons)

Thanks guys, I will fix the reported bugs in the next update, which will come in 1-2 days. I also updating the jQuery plugin with new version.

Great work Radykal! The canvas-touch-scrolling thing works much better in this version as well. Still not perfect though, but works much more often then it did before. 

@Ken I do not have this issue, are you sure you understood the alignment correctly.

I think the button images are the wrong way round thats all.

It would be great if tablets used the new mobile view.

Are there any plans to fix it so that the screen the mobile screen does not scroll when trying to move images are graphics up and down.  Currently, this caused the mobile (at least iphone) to scroll the entire page so the graphic or image can't be moved up or down.  Left to right works great.


Hi there,

How do I get the mobile version activated on my site? My fancy product designer plug-in is the most up to date version (3.7.8).

I really need to have the mobile version activated.


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