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A beter mobile solution

Thank you for this plugin! A truly extraordinary plugin that transforms businesses.

The request that must be on the tip of everyone's tongue surely is when are we going to see

an FPD improvement for mobile and small screens. My site drop-off rate for mobile is tremendous and

when compared to the desktop just over twice as high. This is a major bummer as most visit are from mobile 

and smaller screen devices.

It would be great if we could have a sliding screen that allowed the customer to build the product.

Or some other novice way to make make the UX & UI more friendly and reflective of the great experience

found on the desktop.



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It would be great to have a better mobile solution. Almost all ou customers use their mobile to make a design and order customized products. But another thing concerning your mobile is the fact that FPD doesn't support .HEIC images. My iPhone X for example saves al images as a .HEIC and because of that it is not possible to add images directly from my phone. Maybe also a thing to look at when adapting FPD to mobile phones?

You can test the new toolbar online now.


Please share your feedback and your improvements!

P.S.: Do not forget to test it on mobile devices!

Hi Radykal, can you put online a sample with a photo upload area, such as a greeting card please. It is hard to assess the current example as my fancy product is quite different to a t-shirt. Thanks and regards - Ger H.


The most annoying problem is the touch-scroll-canvas which doesn't work very well. The javascript-fix that's in there doesn't work stable enough and in most cases the entire page scrolls when someone is moving an element. Will this be fixed in the upcoming version as well? 

I am liking the look of the new mobile friendly toolbar.  However,  I am a big fan of the existing text edit box which can be set to automatically appear when a text field is selected.  The text edit button on the toolbar is not obvious to most users and  currently I cannot see how the edit text can be selected automatically when a text box is selected (as it is now) because the new version replaced the tool bar completely when in text edit mode?



Any update to release date of mobile friendly version?


Radykal, this new toolbar looks great (https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/HJGRNE9T8SW#/screens/290252168) but we also need that the plugin works better in mobile devices. In the actual version the image manipulation (placement and resize) are not optimized at all. The plugins freeze a lot when you try to move or resize the uploaded images. I am also having problem with bounding boxes. For any reason, in the mobile version, when you try to move the uploaded image sometimes, the bounding box doesn´t keep blocked, it moves too. The 80% of my audience access to my site by smartphone so I am loosing a lot of clients because all of this problems.


New UI toolbar included in V3.7.6

- New Toolbar UI „Smart“. You can easily enable the new toolbar UI in the UI Composer (Toolbar tab > Type & Placement)

Can you elaborate as I cannot find this?

I have looked in the UI Composer and the Toolbar tab just has Exclude Tools or Placement.

In placement I have Dynamic, Inside Top or Inside Bottom

Hi Ken, If you have updated correctly you should have a 4th option in the placement dropdown called "Smart".  This worked for me :)


Looks like I have downloaded 3.7.5 again from Code Canyon.

Where Can I get the correct version from?

I am having the same problem, I downloaded the file from CodeCanyon and installed the plugin as always but in the extensions manager it still says 3.7.5. I tried 3 times without success. I don't see any of the new features neither. Please check the files !


I downloaded the WHOLE file, documentation and licence not just the Wordpress code and that worked ok.

There are a couple of bugs so far I can see.

If you go deliberately out of bounds the warning is behind the toolbar.

When you have linked colours on the text, editing the stroke doesn't follow through on the other text, same again for the opacity.

But saying that I am impressed as this is a great improvement.

another bug I checked: if a product has a colours palette (i.e 70 colours swatches) in the smartphones browser it doesn’t scroll... http://rocks.today/product/soccer-jersey-stripes/
You are right, I tried with the whole pack file and now its works. Its seems is just a problem with the single plugin file.


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