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A beter mobile solution

Thank you for this plugin! A truly extraordinary plugin that transforms businesses.

The request that must be on the tip of everyone's tongue surely is when are we going to see

an FPD improvement for mobile and small screens. My site drop-off rate for mobile is tremendous and

when compared to the desktop just over twice as high. This is a major bummer as most visit are from mobile 

and smaller screen devices.

It would be great if we could have a sliding screen that allowed the customer to build the product.

Or some other novice way to make make the UX & UI more friendly and reflective of the great experience

found on the desktop.



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Definitely necessary!!! My clients are all about shopping on their phones and tablets.

Completely agree! Really necessary :)

I've offered some small changes that could offer a better mobile experience without overhauling the current mobile view. 

What do you all think?


I'd love to see a better mobile solution as well. I think something similar to what Custom Ink does would be great.


Do you have any examples that you like from other complex applications, I would love to see your thoughts?

I think the gold standard for personalization is https://www.customink.com/lab. In mobile, their designer goes full width and height, and allows the design elements to be hidden. I think a good solution may be to make a "Personalize" button in mobile which would then open a re-formatted designer module that is mobile friendly.

I picture something that allows customers to open the toolbar, add something, and closes after something has been added. I also think the other buttons (like zoom, save, prev., next) should be opened separately. These take up valuable canvas space on mobile.

Thanks for considering this improvement to your already great plugin. 

Thank you FPD team for reading this post and considering customer suggestions.

I sell paper wedding invitations/cards so would love to see more of the product on the screen with little

distraction from editing tools.The below image shows editing tools falling below the product canvas - 

and it allows onscreen editing and editing below the canvas too. 

Nothing pops up on the screen which is a good thing.

To achieve something like this we need the product canvas to be full screen (to get maximum real estate 

space for editing with nimble fingers) and it should feature tools such as font, colour picker, image upload 

and other button/selections tidily below the product canvas.

If there are lots of tool options then we should allow the user to drag/swipe left under the canvas to see 

what is available to use for the current item selected.

On the example below when you editing text pulls up on the native device keyboard which means there is no 

need for a text box to pop up on screen. Improving this alone will create a clean canvas with less obstruction. 

Also, below you will see that  changing typeface is just a one click action with no scrollbars or highlighting needed


Another example 

If there's a product which includes image upload then clicking on the image will give you image specific options

under the canvas. 


If there is a need to have pop up option appear on the mobile screen then it should always carry a "x"  button to close it. 

Lastly, I think designing in mobile should force the canvas to go into isolation mode - forcing a fixed height 

for the fpd in the page which stops the page from moving up and down. And if you want to leave the designing

mode to see the regular product page then you can click to "x" button to close.

For me, the difficulty of using FPD on mobile happens because we have to click on the main canvas to do too many things. 

We drag text boxes on the canvas, drag images on the canvas, click on the canvas to open a text box, click on the canvas

to close a text box. If we could have minimal touching of the canvas for everything but designing that would be ideal. 

Let elements options happen below the canvas.

Thank you again for creating the very clever FPD and I hope my suggestions can inform your updates. 

image.jpeg image.jpeg
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Sorry poor editing above, the paragraph above was meant to read ...

"On the example below editing text relies on the native keyboard on your device so there is no need

for text boxes on the screen. Improving this alone will create a clean canvas with less obstruction. "

YESS! Please implement this! Hopefully will be implemented soon.

Currently we are working on a user-friendly toolbar that should make the element editing on mobile devices easier. We would like to share the first mockup of a new toolbar UI.


Please let us know how you like or if you have any improvements.

Hi Guys,

You have done an OUTSTANDING job!!! 


If I have to pick holes or ask questions they would be... 

1. Can you type straight into text boxes without flicking between the manager layer area. 

2. Can you manage multiple image uploads below the design or is this done through the image layer area?

3. Is image filters done via a popup or is this option fall below the design area too?

I'm being incredibly bias but your updates work incredibly well for my end use. Would be interesting to see what the other

previous posters think about the changes.

Thank you so much for listening to us!


This looks like a great start so fair to the FPD team.

As stated by Jo Uuwidie. For fancy products with an image upload area - as soon as the upload area is selected then the image controls should appear in the same way as the text controls do in your example. Also, I wonder if simple   +   and   -   buttons which can be tapped for text/photo size increase/decrease would be more mobile friendly than the slider controls?

Great to see progress in this area, is there a timeline for implementation?



Sorry forget to mention in last comment. If it helps, this website is the best mobile experience that I have come across:-



Drop shadow seems to be a popular request. Looks good however, would happily test it on my site.

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