Getting Started with Shopify

Modified on Tue, 23 Apr 2024 at 12:18 PM

With this Quick Setup you will be able to see how the Fancy Product Designer basically works.

1. Install the Fancy Product Designer App

2. Optional step: If you have a new (and therefore empty) store you first have to create one or several Shopify products for your store before you can really use the App

3. Open the Fancy Product Designer app and create a Fancy Product Designer product. This will be associated with one of your Shopify products later. For this select the tab „Products“. With a click on the "Templates Library" you can use one of our templates to create the first Fancy Product Designer product:

For example, you could create a "T-Shirt Men Standard" as the first Fancy Product Designer product via the "Create Product"-Button:


4. After you created your first Fancy Product Designer product you have to connect it to the corresponding Shopify product in your shop. For this please choose the tab „Shop Products“ in the app. Here you can see all of the products that you have in your shop. In the third column ("FPD Source") you can choose the fancy product designer product you want to link your Shopify product to, via the dropdown menu. 

Let's say you have a wine bottle in your shop and you created a wine bottle in the app as a Fancy Product Designer product, too. Now you can connect these two via the dropdown menu in the "FPD-Source" column. Now the app knows which product designer to show when a customer of yours clicks on the wine bottle product.

5. Open the Shopify product in the frontend of your shop and see the new “CUSTOMIZE” button. Here your customers can customize the wine bottle with the product designer from the app.

6. Now click the "CUSTOMIZE" button and see the product designer in action! The example shows a product designer that allows printing a text on a wine bottle. Other elements for a customized design can be added by you, for example, images, curved text, or icons. You only have to specify that in the product builder section in the app.

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